Child, It's Time to Get Off Your Butt

A simple system to get your people off the couch, ready for the day, and your home maintained.

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How one simple system will transform your home:

If you're tired of looking at your children, lounging in their pajamas, staring at a digital device until late in the morning, and want something simple to get them actually doing something, TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY. 

The Child, It's Time to Get Off Your Butt system is exactly what you need to get your people off the couch and ready for the day PLUS keep your home from blowing up.

Get ready for your kids to get some stuff DONE, your home to be maintained, and you super chill, all without an elaborate sticker chart or getting up hours before your kids. 

The Morning High Five

Determine the five most important tasks your child and YOU will complete every single morning for the rest of eternity. After the MH5, everyone will be ready to rock the day without nagging or fighting.  

Morning Jobs

FINALLY! A "chore" system that is simple to create and even easier to implement and maintain. Morning Jobs will get your people moving in the morning and keep your home in a general state of maintainence.

Your Breakfast Plan

Kick cereal to the curb (if you want to) by thinking ahead and preparing your breakfasts ahead of time. BONUS: Your kids can be in charge of getting food on the table if you need to sleep in.

"Our mornings went from hollering and tears to fun and high-fives! And all because of a few organizational tricks I learned. I truly am amazed at the changes, I may even be more of a morning person, and my four kids aren’t going to school in the morning in tears and chaos!!"

Becky B.

“For the life of me, I could not figure out how to get my boys doing actual work around the house. I knew something needed to change and Angela's step-by-step system was what my kids and I needed. After making the change, I realized things don't have to be perfect. I can assign jobs that even if done halfway, make my life so much more sane. ” 

Melody H.

Here's what you get:

An 18-page eBook outlining Child, It's Time to Get Off Your Butt and how it can work for YOUR household, regardless of the number of kids, their ages, or your crafting ability. 

Downloadable charts and worksheets that you can fill in with a pencil or edit on your computer PLUS lots of ideas so you don't have to search Pinterest to finish this thing.

Step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to implement this system in case you're an audio learner. Or you just want to see my face explain it.

BONUS: A special Make Ahead Breakfast Prep Plan with recipes, a shopping list, and a schedule so you can get a month's worth of breakfasts in the freezer.

Who is teaching this thing?

I'm so glad you asked! I'm Angela Davis, founder of, a blog devoted to helping women and families live well on a budget. 

I have a minivan-load full of kids (five to be exact) and I was about 17 seconds away from shipping them off to a farm to learn how to work and do something other than stare at a screen and fight. 

After some deep contemplation, I decided that I actually liked these people so I had to come up with a way to get all of us dressed, fed, and smelling good, plus get my home in a presentable state every morning. 

Child, It's Time to Get Off Your Butt is the system I created to make my life more awesome. I'm 99% certain it can make yours more awesome too.

Don’t wait, get your people off the couch and your mornings off on the right foot TODAY.

Get it NOW for $7